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The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra: A Discussion, Vol 1
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Advice to Writers: A Compendium of Quotes, Anecdotes, and Writerly Wisdom from a Dazzling Array of Literary Lights
Jon Winokur
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde, Merlin Holland


Deception - Philip Roth At first I really didn't like this book. After 10 pages or so I went back to the dust cover to orient myself, then started again. About half way through, I didn't hate it, and decided to persevere because I trust the taste of the friend who recommended it, and I usually like PR's writing. By the ending I was sold. I really enjoyed it and am glad I saw I through.

By the way, some of the reviews below (both good and bad) have incorrect information. That's one of my pet peeves.