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The Splintered Kingdom (The Bloody Aftermath of 1066, #2)

The Splintered Kingdom (The Bloody Aftermath of 1066, #2) - James Aitcheson Goodreads First-read.

Second in a series of historical fiction, part of trilogy of the Norman conquest of England. This book is a solid stand-alone novel (though I am the type that usually only reads a series from the first book, in this case, I will go back and read the first book before the third comes out). Once the exposition is set, the plot moves smoothly and quickly. Tancred, the hero (or anti-hero?), is a complex man. I really want to know what I missed about him in the first book. At times he makes decisions that most 21st century Westerners would not, but his reasoning is valid for his time and place. Towards the end it became a page turner and I forced myself not to read the teaser for the third book in the series.