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Scouting for the Reaper - Jacob M. Appel

This book was a generous gift from an unknown author. I am terribly remiss in taking so long  to get my review up.


When the book arrived I was in the midst of an eclectic group of books, including a collection of short stories by Stephen King. Usually I would wait and not mix two books of short stories, but these seemed compatible, so I broke my rule. And I'm glad. 


This collection of short stories held its own against some of the best Stephen King short stories I've had the pleasure to read. The authors voices are different and the subject matters  just different enough, there was no need to even try to say what was better. One day I read from one book, the next day or two from the other, and I continued to be equally delighted each time. 


Enough time has passed I can't say for sure if I had a favorite,  though "Ad Valorem" has haunted me. There was not one that I didn't like and I wouldn't mind reading much more. 


And I don't usually like short stories.