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The Partly Cloudy Patriot
Katherine Streeter, Sarah Vowell
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Tales of the Alhambra
Washington Irving
Victorian and Edwardian Fashion: A Photographic Survey
Alison Gernsheim
The Collected Plays of Theodore Dreiser
Frederic E. Rusch, Keith Newlin
Great Stories of the Sea & Ships
Peter Hurd, N.C. Wyeth
The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra: A Discussion, Vol 1
Haruo Suda Katsuji Saito, Takanori Endo, Daisaku Ikeda
Advice to Writers: A Compendium of Quotes, Anecdotes, and Writerly Wisdom from a Dazzling Array of Literary Lights
Jon Winokur
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde, Merlin Holland

The Club

The Club - Jane Heller Fun! Dated, but fun. The story would have to be reworked in today's world of cellphones and 24/7 access. The story and characters were interesting, I really enjoyed the peek into the 1990's publishing world and golf clubs I'll only dream about joining. There were a lot of predictable plot points, however they were mitigated by a couple of nice surprises. And if no one else wants it, may I please have that home in CT?