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The Shadow Queen: A Novel

The Shadow Queen: A Novel - Sandra Gulland I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads and am deeply grateful to the Doubleday Marketing Department for sharing this book with readers.

Based on the true lives of King Louis XIV-the Sun King, his wives, mistresses, court and country.

The book practically vibrated with energy from the moment I took it out of it's envelope. I found the presentation beautiful (I don't often comment on that) and felt badly about leaving fingerprints on the cover or opening it to wide. Doubleday Marketing even included a sturdy bookmark that says "We think you should read this book. With Our Compliments..." how gracious! What a fabulous presentation. Thank you!

Having no expectations about plot or story, I was pleasantly surprised that it opened with "players"-actors-in 17th century France. The twists and turns surprised me; and when I found out at the end that it was all based on historical records, I was even more surprised, and pleased. The writing is easy to follow and I devoured the book.

I am very familiar with England during this time period, not so with France. It was fascinating to read about the church, the theater, and the politics.

Anyone who is interested in French history, theater, royalty, historical fiction, should like this book.